AvalonNaniA great selection of unique Harp related items by Christina Tourin

Harp Instruction Books wih Videos and DVDs along with Music Books with CDs and Harp Recordings that cover a broad range of tastes and styles.

The landmark Cradle of Sound Harp Therapy Manual including a CD is the most complete, comprehensive manual ever offered in the exciting field of harp therapy.

Thinking of changing your career?…why not have a look at what we have to offer for training and support to get you started?

Educational training programs for all ages! From 2 to 100!  (Pic shown to right – Christina with grand-daughter Avalon Nalu Tourin just turning 3 years of age.)

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Tea-Time Mini Concert Series – November

Join us each month for a lovely tea-time break and listen to harp players from around the world who have performed at our conferences. We also feature new compositions by Christina Tourin that you can listen to and download for your own playing. And to top it off, each month we will offer a crazy reduction on price on one of our products! Click on the frame below to enter our super Specials!

Listen to Christina’s Composition and obtain the sheet music to: Diamonds from Heaven – Christina Tourin   Special Bonus – Listen to her Thankful Medley


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