Harp Therapy Manual

Cradle of Sound ManualHarp Therapy Manual – Cradle of Sound

There are over 100 topics covered in this 600 page book. Topics include: Research on harp therapy, How-to’s (where and how to address various illnesses, situations with appropriate approaches, understanding hospital machines, etc.), History, Special articles by leaders in the field of Sound Healing, and amazing personal stories (see complete list below).


  • What is Music Therapy?
  • What is Harp Therapy?
  • The National Certification Requirements for Therapeutic Musicians
  • Historical References
  • Music and Healing
  • ACADEMICS: Counseling Skills, TA, NLP, Anatomy, Resonant Kinesiology, Toning
  • MUSIC DEVELOPMENT: Improvisation Techniques, Modes, Tonal Quality and Intervals, Musical Elements, Tempo, Entrainment, Inclusive Attention, Resonant Tone, Vibroacoustics
  • SUBTLE ENERGIES – Energy Patterns, Chakras, Aromatherapy, Chinese Five Elements, Yin Yang, Tai Chi
  • Celtic Circle of Music
  • Mysticism and Science, Music of the Spheres
  • NDE’s, OBE’s, STE’s
  • Hospice and the Dying Process
  • The Grieving Process
  • Less IS More
  • Research on Harp Therapy
  • Harp Acoustics
  • Therapy Harps – What to look for
  • MEDICAL CURRICULUM: Interactive Work, Ethics, Etiquette, Immunology, Hospital Machines
  • WHERE THE HARP IS USED: Alzheimer’s Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, Autism, Blind Harpers, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Coma, Dentistry, Disaster Relief, Hearing Impaired, Labyrinths, Migraines, Military, Multiple Sclerosis, Neo-natal, Palliative Care, Parkinson’s Disease, Pediatrics, Pets and Animals, Prisons, Psychiatric Hospitals, Rehabilitation, Stroke, Tai Chi Centers, Visualization
  • INNER DEVELOPMENT – Alexander Technique, Reiki|
  • STARTING A PROGRAM, Marketing, Promoting Harp Therapy, Happenings and jobs, Training
  • RESOURCES – lists of music, sources|

The book is a text book and also contains a CD titled Heaven’s Seven. The CD offers music in each of the seven tonal centers with music in the reflective and outreaching modes.

IHTP Required Reading:


What people are saying about the Harp Therapy Manual

Beauteous, Inviting and Informative – what a wonderful contribution you have made. The book is simply juicy with information, inspiration and empowerment. May your program continue to grow and grow. Hope I can continue to be a part of it as it grows.
– Don Campbell – Author of Mozart Effect.

I was so excited to receive my copy of the “Cradle of Sound”. Tears have already been spilled on some of the pages.
– Joan A.

The book is extremely well done, very comprehensive, and a great resource.
– Anita L.

Your book is so complete and you express yourself so eloquently.
– Beatrice R.

All the best and thank you for presenting Fabien’s work.
– Tama Do

I have been reading it in all my spare time and am in awe of the amount of work involved in creating such a volume.
– Estelle D.

There it was, leaning against the back porch door, sheltered in its cardboard box, ready to be gleaned of glistening gems of WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. IT IS THAT and so much more!!! It is love, treasured people, blessed memories, shared spirit-breathed healing experiences, hope for the future, and a part of you! Once I begin reading, I can’t put it down. These last two days have been “very full”.
– Melanie B.

I put your CD on this morning and the music is exquisite…Will you publish the music for the Japanese sounding song, cut 7 I think? I can’t seem to put the book down. There is so much GOOD in it, that it is beyond naming.
– Sarah S.

What a huge amount of information …and work! Congratulations!
– Margaret S.

For me, to think about it all as a “cradle of sound’, well …in my imagination it is as big as an ark to encompass all the lives you have touched, and as a result; all the lives that others have touched others in turn!
– Cynthy J.

What a beautiful, comprehensive, interesting manual of your wonderful program and vision of Harp Therapy for the world!
– Linda H. 

I appreciate so deeply your commitment to sharing the voices of graduates. The experiences of those in the field have a resonance that makes the energy field of the book enormous.
– Liz Kilpatrick 

The story of your life is amazing and so beautiful.
– Fran D.

The illustrations give it a great deal of extra significance.
– Elizabeth W.

Your tome arrived here the other day and I have to say I am REALLY impressed! I can’t imagine the amount of work it took to pull this together.
– Jeff Volk

Congratulations! I just know therapeutic harpers and students everywhere are going to find so much useful and deeply relevant information in it – it truly is your gift to all of us – thank you, thank you, thank you.
– Beverley R.

I love your new book! It’s really beautiful.
– Jane DB

I received “Cradle” last week. It is really an amazing book. There is so much information in your book and it will feed me for a long time.
– Diane E.

…it is WONDERFUL! What an awesome manual! It will be a resource for years!
– MariAnne L.

So joyous to read of your background and the pictures are just endearing from long ago.
– Maureena S.

The book looks both awe-inspiring…
– Duncan S.

I clearly see the amount of hours and research that it has taken to produce..Its just amazing.
– Bethan H.