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This page is currently a bit of a jumble as it is now catering for some regular books currently on the International Harp Therapy Program Reading List but which may well be of interest to non-IHTP-students.

The page also provides an introduction to Christina’s Healing Music for Harp Series (lluminations and Inspirations) as well as The White Rose music-book, with links below to each item in more detail.

Healing Music for Harp and Piano

Who is this for?

Explore the Healing Music series to learn about:

  • Five qualities of individualised music
  • Mood of the Music

  • Tempos
Resonant Tone
  • Musical Codas/notation
  • Intervals
  • Tone Quality and Deliverance of Musisc
  • Genre (11 categories with guide of popular music by year)

and much more….

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