Prayer for the LIving Trees – Christina

If tree’s could talk, what would they say?

Christina weaves the magical properties of trees into music. A beautiful piece by Bach sings the praises of the Maple tree while a Russian folk tune creates the glory of the birch tree. Along with the pure tones of Christina’s harp on this beautifully orchestrated album are: French Horn, Cello, Violin, Flute, Guitar, Bass, and percussion.


1. Birch (4:55)
2. Forest Dawn (4:14)
3. Maple (3:47)
4. Oak (5:01)
5. Apple Tree (4:54)
6. Coral Tree (5:29)
7. Aspen (4:39)
8. Willow (5:47)
9. Redwood (4;13)
10 Prayer for the Living Trees

Featured performers along with Christina are Steve Kujala on Flute, Carlos Reyes on Violin and Peter Sprague on Guitar. Prayer for the Living Trees – (Sue Richards – The Hazel Grove; John Rutter – Lux Aeterna from Requiem) Redwood Tree (Breck’s song by Sydney Long, violin – Carlos Reyes, Harp – Christina Tourin, French Horn – Keith Pokejoy) Willow Tree (Improvisation by Christina Tourin – Harp and Steve Kujala – Flute)

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