Therapeutic Harp 3-DVD Set – by Sarajane Williams

Therapeutic Harp 3-DVD Set - by Sarajane Williams

3 part documentary about the use of harps in healthcare settings.


In this 3-DVD documentary, VAHT expert Sarjane Williams, M.A., a licensed psychologist and accomplished author, accounts the utilization of VAHT on clients with various symptoms.

Part 1: Ancient Legacy 
Discover the history of the healing energy of harp music and how it has affected individuals and civilizations from the stone age to the 21st century. Understand the power of the plucked string and learn about its ancient mythical connections to modern consciousness and beliefs.

Part II: Sound Science
Consider cutting edge theories about the effects of harp music on disease, mood and behavior. See how scientists are now able to measure many of these beneficial effects, integrating ongoing research in quantum physics, cymatics and medicine.

Part III: Clinical Applications
Observe how professionals use harp music now for both research and therapy in clinics, hospitals, schools and hospices around the world. Learn how to become a harp therapist, connecting with leaders in the field who can provide expert training

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