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Emerald Harp offers a unique collection of learning material for all levels of musicality.
The focus of this series is harp for healing and therapy.  The International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) has been training practitioners to bring harps to hospitals and bedsides as well as care situations and special needs for over 20 years.

The materials offered in this section reflect the course materials and teaching manuals that are used in this work. You can find out more about IHTP

link to IHTP site

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      A Medicine Chart


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      A Medicine Wheel Chart - is an ancient healing tool discovered over 7000 years ago and is still used in many cultures today.

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      Qabalah – Tree of Life Chart


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      This easy to use informative reference guide is intended as an inspirational tool for meditation, visualization and study purposes.

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      Resonance Support - Three Items Special


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      The Kabbalah Poster (laminated)


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      This original classic work reveals over 1,000 names and titles embracing both traditional and esoteric wisdom.