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Harp Tuition Courses:AvalonNani

Educational training programs for all ages – from 2 to 100!
Picture to right >>> Christina with grand-daughter Avalon Nalu Tourin just turning 3 years of age!

Rainbow of Sound Series of Books and DVDs
Learn to play harp AND read music – for beginners of all ages – more

Color My World with Harp – Music cards and DVDs sets
Add many new songs to your repertoire in a wide variety of styles – choose from 6 collections – more

Creative Harping Series – DVD and Streaming options
Learn how to improvise on the harp without written music using the different modes for mood and color.

Healing Music Series Books and Textbooks for Harp Therapy studies including the landmark Cradle of Sound: A Harp Therapy Manual which is the most complete, comprehensive manual ever offered in the exciting field of harp therapy.

Harps for sale! 
Buy a harp through us and you will receive a choice of instructional materials from the harp tuition Courses mentioned above – more

Beautiful and enchanting harp music for you to enjoy…!
Christina Tourin has 15 albums to her credit, all of which are now available as mp3 audio-album downloads.
And sampler compilation tracks are now available for each album, for you to listen to in situ or as free downloads – more

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All Christina’s recordings are now available as MP3 download files CLICK HERE (only $7.99)


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Christina Tourin’s Latest Compositions are available as sheet-music
Listen to and download new compositions for harp – pdf sheet-music – HERE


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