Bhajans MP3 Download from the Heavenly Realm by Christina Tourin


‘Bhajan’ in Hindi literally means ‘sharing’…

Bhajans from the Heavenly Realm by Christina Tourin - Beautiful bhajan music mainly for harp, guitar and voices, though with a range of other instruments and sounds invoking the spiritual healing messages of India.

This album was originally conceived as an accompaniment to AYUDH’s Harp Orchestra – and the proceeds from these download sales go to support the humanitarian projects of Amma and her Embracing the World Organisation.

About AYUDH and HOPE (Harps Of PEace)

AYUDH, the youth group inspired by Amma, brings harp music to people needing uplifting, in nursing homes, orphanages, hospitals, hospices and other places of need, through their HOPE (Harps Of PEace) program.

The HOPE Program trains young people in therapeutic harp playing under the guidance of Christina Tourin, world-renowned music therapist and founder and director of the International Harp Therapy Program.

These trained practitioners then make visits to hospitals and care homes for the elderly to apply the healing benefits of music to mind, body and spirit.

AYUDH HOPE practitioners are currently active in Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany.

AYUDH are always in need of sponsors and donations to provide the small harps and teaching materials for those who are willing to study, enrich their own lives with creativity and then bring the music to others.

If you would like to see the work we do, and maybe help in this endeavor, please visit

Here's a sound file (that you can also download) with a sample from each track

Track listing: (CLICK on the title to jump to that part of the sample...)

  1. Om Amritesvaryai Namah
  2. Love of Creation/The Dove (21 secs)
  3. Amba Bhavani (56 secs)
  4. Anandamayi (84 secs)
  5. Twameva Mata (135 secs)
  6. Mother Nature (178 secs)
  7. Shri Ram Jai Ram (219 secs)
  8. Hope/Unité (272 secs)
  9. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (304 secs)
  10. Sevati (White Rose) (345 secs)
  11. Om Namah Shivaya (373 secs)

Vocals: Neela Bhurtun
Harps: Christina Tourin and Daniela Tauchmann

Arrangements: Peter Sprague

Label: Emerald Harp Productions

Bhajans MP3 Download from the Heavenly Realm by Christina Tourin