White Rose MP3 Download by Christina Tourin


The Red Rose represents our soul, and the White Rose a symbol of pure love...

“ Sitting by a stream, the soul is lifted from the rippling water, above the land, above the country, above the continent, ascending to a place called home.

A blanket of white light from the petal of a white rose wraps the soul in joy, and with each petal of light an explosion of Beingness beckons the journey on.
Looking back at the Earth, an understanding of a greater plan is revealed, and the reason for life." - Christina Tourin

This recording has been acclaimed as truly inspirational. Amanda McBroom’s exquisite tune, The Rose, popularized by Bette Midler, is woven into Christina’s own heartfelt composition, White Rose
William Jackson performs on flutes, and Kim Robertson offers beautifully orchestrated descants and harmonies.

“Innovative, melodic and magical. Each selection becomes a personal favorite.”
Folk Harp Journal

Here's a sound file (that you can also download) with a sample from each track

Track listing: (CLICK on the title to jump to that part of the sample...)

  1. White Rose / The Rose (8:23)
  2. A Rosebud By My Early Walk (1:50)
  3. Last Rose Of Summer (1:52)
  4. Flowers Of The Forest (2:50)
  5. Medley: (3:01) The Rose In The Garden/The Red Rose/The Mountain Rose
  6. Shadow Spirit (2:44)
  7. Fynbo (2:58)
  8. Wind Rose (2:50)
  9. In The Garden (3:33)
  10. Rosa Mystica (1:57) (Lo, How A Rose Ere Blooming)
  11. Love Of Creation/The Dove (4:24)
  12. Prelude In C (2:42)
  13. Nostalgy (3:10)
  14. Harbor Cove (4:52)

Label: Emerald Harp Productions

Also available: the White Rose music-book containing songs from this album.

Amazon customer review:

"Tina Tourin Produces A Whole Bouquet of Harp Tunes The majority of which have ‘Rose’ in their title. Especially pleasing was Tourin's adaptation of The Rose, of Bette Midler fame. Less familiar but very lovely is the tune Fynbo.

A genuine unexpected bonus was Kim Robertson"s many appearances on this CD. This CD lasts longer than live flowers and would make a great gift for the harp lover in your life."

White Rose MP3 Download by Christina Tourin