Color My World – Therapeutic Kit

Color My World - Therapeutic Kit


Color My World with Harp - Therapeutic Kit

The Therapeutic Harp Kit contains all the song cards (120+) from all the Series (Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple). For a list of all the songs CLICK  HERE.  You receive no DVD which has the accompaniments and visuals for showing to people while playing. The kit, however, comes with the pouch and pillar prompter. We affectionately call these cards “training wheels” in the International Harp Therapy Program. Check out our FACILITATING MOVIE  if you are interested in having a wealth of activities at your fingertips for working in Assisted Living, Retirement Homes, Schools, Support Groups, and Community Groups.

Already have the pouch and pillar prompter?  Click here for our Cards only shop item.

CMW – Therapeutic Kit: