Creative Harp Complete Set #1-10

Creative Harp Complete Set #1-10

Creative Harp Complete Set - Christina Tourin



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The Signature Method for Learning to Play Music by Ear. It is the Basis for Music Development for the
International Harp Therapy Program.

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Creative Harp Complete Set

#1 – Creative Harping Introduction –  #1 – FREE LESSON ONLINE   (included on DVD in this full set)

#2 – Dorian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Dorian Mode and add The Chanter to your repertoire. Wonderful scenery of caves, dragons and fire open the lesson. 

#3 – Aeolian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Aeolian Mode and add Little Boats, Mary Young and Faire and Greensleeves to your repertoire. A countryside journey through England opens this pastoral video.

#4 – Mixolydian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Mixolydian Mode and add The Silkie, Christ Child’s Lullaby and Lochaber No More to your repertoire. Opening scenes of the ocean and seals will delight the senses.

#5 – Locrian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Locrian Mode and add Sakura to your repertoire. You can almost smell the cherry blossoms as you play along with the opening scenes.

#6 – Ionian Mode – Learn how to improvise in the Ionian Mode and add In The Bleak Mid-Winter and Suo Gan to your repertoire. Enjoy the gentle snowfall while watching the little birds appear.

#7 – Angel Mode – (Pentatonic tunings) Learn a series of Pentatonic tunes to play with the left hand while the right hand glides over the strings playing glissandos. Scenes from the heavenly realm and Angel paintings by Ann Rothan grace this ethereal video.

#8 – Middle Eastern Mode – Learn to improvise in the Middle Eastern Tuning and add Hava Nagila and Evening of Roses to your repertoire. Scenes from the desert sand dunes and desert animals tickle your fancy while you play along with this lesson.

#9 – The Chinese 5 Elements – Learn the tunings for the Chinese 5 Elements and play along with the video to scenes of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal.

#10 – The Ancient Celtic Circle of Music – How to identify the mode of a piece and how to transition from one mode to another. In this video, you’ll learn how to create seamless musical creations flowing from one feeling to another. Your “Play Along” will be enhanced with Transitions in Nature.

Complete Set