Creative Harp Series #9-Streaming

Creative Harp Series #9-Streaming


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The Signature Method for Learning to Play Music by Ear  Creative Harping is the Basis for Music Development for the International Harp Therapy Program.

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#9 – Chinese 5 Element MODE – In the book – Cradle of Sound – Harp Therapy Manual, there is an extensive section of the qualities of each of the Elements and how they play out in the cycles of our lives, from years, to seasons, to hours of the day, affecting the rhythms of the body and psyche. When we are out of balance and have too much of one element overpowering the others, we can balance ourselves with foods, aromas, colors, and sounds.  This lesson gives a basic overview of the qualities and what kind of music works best when you need to calm a child or lift someone out of depression. Music helps when helping to ease rigidity in a person’s life or conversely if they are non-directed to give them some structural guidance. It is a fascinating study. In our therapeutic music study we learn what kind of music to play not only when working with special needs or people with Alzheimer’s, but how to aid and assist through gentle sound while the elements dissolve at the end of life.

These topics are included in the “Cradle of Sound – Harp Therapy Manual”.  In this lesson  you will have certain songs and understanding of how the Chinese 5 tonal system relates to our Western modes so that you can choose the appropriate song to help in balancing energy.

Lessons included:

  • Introduction
  • Chinese Tuning
  • Water Element
  • Wood Element
  • Fire Element
  • Earth Element
  • Metal Element
  • Balancing Energies with Music

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to save money on shipping by STREAMING the Creative Harping Lessons.  We still offer the hard copies and for our International Students, it is most affordable to get them in bulk to save on the shipping costs.

But we now offer you the lessons where you can study on-line.  They are not available to download onto your computer which means that you will always need to be on-line to view the lesson and practice with it. As with works of a composer, these are copyrighted and when you receive your access to the stream, the code is only intended for you and not to be shared.

Many will want to jump to the last lesson but the program has been systematically planned so that you will have the skills developed step by step to “hear”, “understand” and “implement” all of the components when you get to Lesson #10.

Most importantly to remember is that you are getting lessons here that will go on forever. When you go to a teacher and pay $50.00 for one lesson, you will realize that through the Creative Harping Program you are getting many multiple lessons in each DVD/Viewing for the cost of 1 lesson. This is a continuing lesson from the most beginner to the most advanced level of player.

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#9 – Chinese 5 Element MODE: