Rainbow of Sound #3 and #4 – 2 Books + 2 DVDs

Rainbow of Sound #3 and #4 - 2 Books + 2 DVDs

Beginning Harp DVD/Books Series Vol - 3 - 4


Welcome to the Rainbow of Sound® LEARN TO PLAY HARP Series on DVD with the accompanying Rainbow of Sound® Books. You will learn how to play the harp and the basics of technique, posture, tuning, note-reading, improvisation and gain repertoire while enjoying beautiful stories and images. The use of color and alliteration help to reinforce concepts. This program is suitable for all ages beginning with very young children. I would, however, encourage the young child to explore the instrument until around the age of six before expecting serious note-reading skills.

Green Book
In the Green book, we have a charming story, written by Barbara Yule, taking place in Scotland. Through this story we are reminded of the subtle energies that surround us daily and that we truly live in a magical kingdom. Songs from Christina’s recording – The Emerald Harp – are adapted for beginners. All the songs are in the key of C. This story makes for a wonderful production for a group of harpists.

The Yellow Book
The Yellow book takes the student into the study of learning about accidentals – sharps and flats and the use of levers on the harp. The story by Joanna Huckvale takes place in Wales with beautiful Welsh melodies that bring home the importance of being kind to one another, to animals and living things and taking care of the Earth.


2 DVDs + 2 Books: