Rainbow of Sound #5 and #6 – 2 Books + 2 DVDs

Rainbow of Sound #5 and #6 - 2 Books + 2 DVDs

Beginning Harp DVD/Books Series Vol - #5 - 6


Welcome to the Rainbow of Sound® LEARN TO PLAY HARP Series on DVD with the accompanying Rainbow of Sound® Books. You will learn how to play the harp and the basics of technique, posture, tuning, note-reading, improvisation and gain repertoire while enjoying beautiful stories and images. The use of color and alliteration help to reinforce concepts. This program is suitable for all ages beginning with very young children. I would, however, encourage the young child to explore the instrument until around the age of six before expecting serious note-reading skills.

Orange Book
In the Orange book, we have a variety of techniques and games to trigger our imagination for composing music and creating fresh locally improvisations. There is such great joy to express our individuality through song and sound!

Red Book
The Red book fills us with music for Light Festivals. Music for Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza arranged in easy but interesting harmonies enable us to play for holidays.

2 DVDs + 2 Books: