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Clark Irish Harp #2648 Model A  Contact Betty.  Price $1650.00 + s/h.

Special Edition Fullsicle™ Harp (Cherry)

Complete with Harpsicle bag, adjustable floor stand, Tuning Key, Harpsicle book, Harp Stick, tuner and handmade brocade dust cover. Like-new condition. Ideal for a new student.

Here is a link to the website:

Specifications:  Weight 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg); Number of strings 26; Dimensions 36 x 21 x 5 in (92 x 53 x 13 cm); String type nylon monofilament and nylon wrapped

Plays in 8 keys and their relative minors (Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, E major and C, G, D, A, E, B, F#, C# minor). This harp comes outfitted with a full set of Rees Levers.

Photos on request.

List price with everything above would be $1550. Selling for $795 plus shipping.
We are in Vermont and will pack very carefully for shipping.

10 Day Satisfaction Trial. If the harp is not right for you, please send back in perfect condition and we will refund the price (not the shipping costs).

Please contact:

Thormahlen Koa Swan

I bought it new in 2008 for my wife who has since passed away.  It has never left our (no-smoking) home. I play around on it from time to time and keep it tuned but it is not my primary instrument. No dings or scratches and is cosmetically and functionally in near mint condition. I have the original shipping box. I have a GDrive link to the sales receipt and several photographs and can send more photographs as needed.  I would like to get somewhere near 1/2 price if possible. Free to call if you have further questions. Many thanks!

Stay well,

Jay Manneschmidt

Gently used Even Song single-strung harp by Stoney End for sale. 26 strings.

Excellent condition. Lowest string is 1 octave below middle C and goes up 3 1/2 octaves to G. Full set of Truitt Levers. Walnut wood with beautiful angel and Celtic knot carvings. Package includes padded case, cradle stand, kneebones, strap and several extra strings.  New price (without beautiful carvings) is $1899 Fair used price $1400. Price for Southeastern Harp $1100. 10-day satisfaction trial. Located in Pinehurst, NC. Happy to send photos. If interested, please contact Teresa at

Rees Sharpsicle

Cheerful, bright blue Sharpsicle, 26 strings low C to high G, Rees levers on Fs and Cs is available for purchase. Purchased some 7 years ago for $550, this harp is in very good condition and is perfect to take along on vacation, to spontaneous gatherings or for therapy work. No case, no extra strings, $350. Shipping is available though would add considerably to cost. Willing to meet in MN/WI/IA for delivery.

Please contact me if you have questions or if you’d like photos.
Patty at

“Lorien” 30-string therapy harp by Harps of Lorien. 

Beautiful lightweight harp for therapy work!  This harp has a very sweet, soothing tone.  I have used it for sound healing work for many years, great for one on one and small groups.  This was one of the last harps made by Raphael Weisman before he retired!

It is 10 years old, made of cherry, has nylon strings and loveland levers on C, F, and B strings.  It is in great condition, with only one small ding (barely noticeable).  It is the perfect size for therapy work, so lightweight and yet has a much bigger range than most therapy harps (F-G), which I have found very satisfying.  It only weighs about 10 lbs!  It sits in a stand, which is removed for transport (simply lifts out).  The harp comes with the original soft case.  Though I have loved this harp, I am longing for a double strung harp, and selling this harp will make it possible!

A new Lorien with levers only on C & F runs $2400 (this harp for sale has additional levers on the B strings), so a fair used price is around $1800.  Discounted for Harps Tips readers, asking only $1300.  You can go to a you tube video of me playing this harp to see and hear it:

Located in eastern CT.  Can ship or willing to meet halfway if local.  10 day satisfaction guarantee (you pay shipping).  More than happy to send photos. 860-334-9055.

2006 Thormahlen Cygnet Harp

36 nylon strings, cedar soundboard, walnut body, staved soundbox, full set of Camac Levers, installed pickup. The Thormahlen Cygnet has lighter tension than the better known Swan.

This harp is in excellent condition and has a beautiful warm tone. It has a lovely custom Celtic horse inlay on the pillar. It is 52″ tall and weighs 22-25 pounds. It fits in the back seat of a Honda Accord or similar small car. This harp comes with a padded Blue Heron Cordura case, a tuning key, and an owner’s manual. It also has 2 sets of feet for different playing heights.

The design of the Cygnet has been changed recently (slightly shorter), and the current list price with the extras is $7070 at Used Cygnets are selling for $4500-$5200. For harp list readers, I am offering it at $3795 plus shipping.

I would prefer local pickup (Asheville, NC) or will drive a reasonable distance to meet halfway. I will ship at the buyer’s expense, if necessary. If you are not happy with the harp, I offer a 10-day trial with a full refund of the cost of the harp if returned in excellent condition (minus shipping). Pictures available on request. Email me (Bonnie) at

Even Song 26 string harp

I am selling my beloved Stoney End Even Song because I’ve retired from playing for patients, and she is just wasting away and feeling lonely.  She had many years of providing healing music for patients at the bedside. She would make a lovely harp for a young beginner, or for someone looking for a therapeutic harp for bedside work.

Dimensions: H-43″ x W-10″ x D-21″. Weight: 11 pounds. Levers: Loveland, on all Cs, F,s and Bs. Wood: Walnut. Strings: 26 from C below middle C, up to G. Approximately 12 years old. Includes: Harp Bag, Knee Bones, Cradle Stand, Extra Strings, Tuning Wrench, Strap and strap buttons. Price for all of the above, new, is $1,667.50. Asking at least half of that, $800, given it’s in excellent condition.

Link to harp maker web site: (scroll down to “Even Song-26”). Link to a video story of me playing for patients using this harp so you can hear the sound and see it in action (Note: this video was made in 2010!)

I am in the Oklahoma City metro area. I’m willing to drive to a border city if you are within 3-4 hours of me. Otherwise, you will need to pay the shipping and insurance cost. Willing to allow a 10-day satisfaction trial. If you decide you don’t want it, you can ship it back at your cost (to include insuring it), and I’ll refund the purchase cost. My contact information: Lisa Wynn, Email:, Cell: 405-408-7068 (call or text).



6 rainbow colored Rees Sharpsicles (C#,F#) ( purple, blue, green, red, yellow, orange) 26 nylon strings. Starting C below middle C.

6 cases, tuning wrenches, lap bars, shoulder straps, elastic clip music holders.  4 adjustable floor stands- makes them like a small floor harp held on shoulder- very stable for kids or elderly.

1 replacement for an entire string set.
Excellent condition with beautiful sound, very portable.

Bought in 2012. In 2020 this will cost total of $6353. Fair price: $5350. Slashed price $4500 plus S&H, unless we can meet on the road somewhere. I live in northern Vermont. Can send photos.

Wurlitzer Grand Pedal Harp – Gold, Style GG, #1466 with extended sound board, built in the 1930s.

Magnificent, warm, rich sound.  This is a very special, original historical pedal harp with all original parts and soundboard in excellent, playing condition.  Strung with thinner gauge strings as originally intended.  This is a perfect pedal harp for someone who wants an easier & lighter string tension on a pedal harp with a big sound.  The harp has been checked and regulated by harp technician. A collector’s gem ready to play and enjoy!  Includes a custom made 4 Seasons Harp Cover.  Photo on website:

Price reduced from $14,000.00 to  $11,200.00 OBO.   Buyer responsive for cost of shipping.  10-day satisfaction trial. If this harp is not right for you send it back in perfect condition and I will refund the price of the harp.
Contact Cheryl Ann Fulton, 510-367-7107,

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